Software I use, gadgets I love, and other things I recommend.

I get asked a lot about the things I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I’m being productive when I’m really just procrastinating. Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


  • 14” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 16GB RAM (2021)

    I was using an Intel-based 16” MacBook Pro prior to this and the difference is night and day. I’ve never heard the fans turn on a single time, even under the incredibly heavy loads I put it through.

  • Dell 27" 4k UHD Monitor (S2721QS) x2

    I contemplated a single, curved ultra-wide monitor, but having two 27“ inch displays allows me to divide my workspace and maximize efficiency.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard

    Nothing fancy here. I want something that feels identical to my macbook keyboard so that the transition feels seamless.

  • LG MX Master 3 Mouse for Mac

    Fully customizable controls make this mouse stand out. All of the gestures of the Apple Magic mouse plus physical wheels and buttons. Everyone likes wheels and buttons, right?

  • Steelcase Leap v2 Chair

    If you're going to sit in one place for 8-12 hours a day, do your back a favor and buy an expensive chair

  • Logitech Blue Sona Microphone

    I held out on a microphone for a long time. After tons of research, I settled on the Logitech Blue Sona mic. I'm not a podcaster, but now I sound like one.

Development tools

  • VSCode

    Every feature you could image all wrapped into a simple to use IDE. And all the extensions you could ever want or need.

  • iTerm2

    I’m honestly not even sure what features I get with this that aren’t just part of the macOS Terminal but it’s what I use.

  • Postico

    A simple tool for working with postgres databases - which happen to be my database of choice.


  • Figma

    From wireframes to white-boarding. This tool can do it all.


  • Alfred

    It’s not the newest kid on the block but it’s still the fastest. The Sublime Text of the application launcher world.

  • toggle

    My tool of choice for keeping track of time spent on projects. It also helps me focus by chunking my time throughout the day.