Software engineer, entrepreneur, and traveler.

I'm Richard, a software engineer and entrepreneur based in Lisbon, Portugal. I build beautiful, responsive websites and performant apps for any industry. When I'm not building cool things for amazing people, I'm traveling and experiencing the world.

Internationalizing a React Native App with i18next and Expo: Part 2

If you haven't done so already, check out my Part 1 article here, where I walk you through setting up i18next and expo-localization in your React Native App. In part 1, we learned how to set up i18next and expo-localization in a React Native app with...

Internationalizing a React Native App with i18next and Expo: Part 1

I've been working with React Native and Expo for a little over a year now and I love it. I started my cross-platform mobile development journey with Flutter back when it was just a baby in 2017. But, being a primarily React developer, it just made se...

I Finally Got My First Customer...but....

I was sitting at my desk one evening last week just wrapping up some work. And then I saw it. An email from Stripe saying that I had just received a $15 payment from a purchase on my SaaS - Then something else happened soon after. I use...

I Built a Habit Tracking App with WatermelonDB and React Native

Meet Hundred Habits - a habit-tracking app I recently published on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Hundred Habits is based on the Law of 100 principle. If you're not familiar - the Law of 100 is a commitment to a task or a goal for ...

Getting Landing Page Advice on Reddit

Waitlisty has been live for almost a month now. But I'm still not seeing any new sign-ups, let alone conversions. So, I started thinking, "maybe it's my landing page". There are tons of build-in-public groups across the socials. I posted my landing p...

I'm a Builder. I Need to Become a Marketer.

Marketing is hard When I started on the journey of building Waitlisty, I was psyched. "I'm going to build this thing and it's going to be awesome. I love building. I'm a builder." Launch day has come and gone. After 3 weeks, Waitlisty is still sittin...

Subscription or one-time purchases?

I think consumers are becoming burnt out on subscriptions. There's a subscription for everything these days. So I'm going to try to build my SaaS with a one-time purchase model. It's a little different though. Here's how I have Waitlisty set up today...

Trying Something New

Two weeks ago marked the beginning of my micro-SaaS adventure with the launch of Waitlisty. Let's be real, marketing is a beast of its own. Surprisingly, people aren't instantly drawn to something, even if you've invested your everything into it. Sin...

TailwindCSS Unveiled: Pros, Cons & CSS Alternative Insights

The ever-evolving world of frontend development presents numerous CSS frameworks and libraries to choose from, each with its unique features and selling points. One of these popular choices is TailwindCSS, a highly customizable and utility-first CSS ...


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